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Comments from Lydia Ollis Lauver

Wow, Congratulations on running for City Council. You exemplify all that is good about our City and will be the perfect candidate to represent its citizens.

Comments from Alex Camara

Lynne, your work for the Parks Council and the way you have handled difficult local issues with such skill is just a small example of the impact I believe you will make on the Bellevue City Council. I am delighted you are running and wish you the best in your Campaign ahead.

Comments from Helen G

I just received this from Lynne Robinson. She was my mother's in-home physical therapist and was very helpful to our family during my mother's time in Bellevue. She helped us identify the necessity of a move to assisted living for my mother's safety and well-being, and she helped us protect my mother from a possible predatory situation with a former neighbor. I strongly urge you to support her as a candidate for today. Please forward this to any other Bellevue voters who care about the future of the city! Bellevue needs people like Lynne!


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