"Lynne Robinson's experience and skills will be a strong addition to the Council.  She is the choice for Position No. 6 over opponent Vandana Slatter." Seattle Times 10/13
Lynne Robinson's "experience from work on issues and with various community organizations would be a plus on the council."  Bellevue Reporter Editorial 10/13
"What we really like about Lynne is the amount of time and connection she has with the community."  Keith Allen, Bellevue Firefighter 10/13
"Robinson is a prepared, capable replacement for incumbent Don Davidson" Seattle Times 10/13
"Lynne is a proven, local leader with an appreciation for Bellevue's regional potential.  I am pleased to offer her my endorsement and support"  Dow Constantine, King County Executive 9/13

"Lynne Robinson could walk in on the first day and be ready to do the job" Claudia Balducci 9/13
 "Robinson: New voice for Bellevue City Council"                     Seattle Times 7/13
Proudly endorsed by people from all over Bellevue for this nonpartisan position
"Lynne Robinson chairs the Bellevue Parks Board.  Her work on and familiarity with Bellevue finance, infrastructure and neighborhood topics is solid" Seattle Times
 "A successful Bellevue small business owner and entrepreneur"

Thank you for visiting my site and for your interest in my campaign for Bellevue City Council. I am so proud to have raised my family and run a successful business in Bellevue. It has been an honor to serve our City on the Parks Board and volunteer my time with our schools, youth theater and sports, and Overlake Auxiliaries. Now I want to continue to work for you on the Bellevue City Council.

As your Council member, I will work every day to position Bellevue for the future while staying sensitive to the needs of our community including safe neighborhoods, a strong local economy, and transit that makes sense.

About Lynne

Bellevue Small Business Owner, 1999-present
Doctor of Physical Therapy serving independent older adults in their homes.  Advocate for successful aging in place.

Bellevue Parks and Community Services Board,
2008 - present, Chair, 2011 - 2013

  • Worked to promote the Meydenbauer Bay Park Plan which the City Council approved in their recent budget process for Phase I.
  • Supported the enlargement of the Robinswood Off-Leash dog area.
  • Pushed for (and got) the reinstatement of all Park Levy Funds in last December's budget.
Bellevue Network on Aging, 2007 - present, Chair, 2008 - 2011
  • Worked with A Regional Coalition for Housing to develop the first non-commercial website providing senior housing options on the Eastside.
  • Through outreach in the community, promoted services available to older adults in Bellevue.
  • Met with federal congressional leaders to promote the "Improving Access to Medicare Coverage Act of 2013"
Woodridge Garden Club, 2001 - 2005, President, 2002 - 2004
  • Worked with a non-profit from Oregon to generate support for Bellevue's acquisition of the McTavish property on Woodridge Hill - now a beautiful trail system maintained by Bellevue Parks.
  • Received "Most New Members" award, 2003
Bellevue School District Volunteer, 1998 - present
  • Chaired Program Delivery Council at Woodridge Elem.
  • Taught after-school science program for 2nd Grade
  • Volunteered in classrooms at Woodridge Elementary
  • Volunteer in Rn Office at Chinook MS and Bellevue HS
I look forward to earning your support for Bellevue City Council. Please feel free to reach out to me at anytime through email or call.

I hope I can count on your vote!


Featured Comments:
Seattle Times: A strong endorsement goes to Lynne Robinson, who chairs the Bellevue Parks Board. Her work on and familiarity with Bellevue finance, infrastructure and neighborhood topics is solid preparation for council duties.
Cheryl Kuhn: Lynne is an accomplished community leader who understands the challenges and opportunities facing Bellevue over the next four years. Her energy, her compassion -- and her commitment to the priorities that ensure Bellevue's future as a great place to live and work -- make her the outstanding choice for City Council. 
Francois Larrivee:  Lynne has demonstrated her commitment to the city of Bellevue and brings a well-balanced perspective to the issues facing the city. Lynne will help us move forward.
Steven Anderson: Lynne is a fellow physical therapist and used to work for the company that I am now the CEO of: Therapeutic Associates.
Stephanie Walter: Lynne actively works for and with neighborhoods and neighbors. She will be an excellent City Council member.
Denis Law: I look forward to working with you on regional issues. Good luck with your campaign!
Jeanne Grote: Lynne works on community needs through the Network on Aging. She will be a great addition to our city council.
Jean Carpenter: As a former Bellevue City Councilmember, I see talent and promise in Lynne
Robert Graham: I have known Lynne professionally for 25 years and in addition to having outstanding skills as a physical therapist, she has excellent common sense.  Lynne is hard working, very caring and does the right thing.
Douglas Mathews: Time for a new candidate who believes in consensus building and a broader vision as to what is good for the City of Bellevue.
James McEachran: As a Bellevue Human Services Commissioner, I am pleased to stand beside you to support your campaign.  
Rourke O'Brien: Lynne has a record of getting things done in Bellevue.  Vote for Lynne.
Craig Chang: I am asking all my friends and associates in Bellevue to support Lynne Robinson.
Gerald Hughes: We need a neighborhood advocate on the city council.
Tom Tanaka: Thanks for stepping up to the plate.
Rick Howes: Lynne is a great person and resource for Bellevue. She's open minded, uses facts to make her decisions and is not politically influenced. She believes in doing the right thing for our community.
Keith Swenson: I'm supporting Lynne for Bellevue City Council.
John Rumpeltes: I have known Lynne Robinson for 25 years and she and I worked together for 4 years from 1989 to 1993. She is a hard working, intelligent woman of high integrity.  I know she will do an excellent job and I strongly support her candidacy.
Chris Marks: I am endorsing Lynne for City Council because I believe she will be good for Bellevue families and kids.
Brian Brand: I support Lynne's platform regarding making investments in the City's infrastructure to attract new business and development.
Pam McFadden: I think you would have a great vision of what community is, which includes all ages, races, and genders. And more importantly a great sense of self.
Sonja Rossman: It is with great pleasure that I endorse Lynne Robinson for Bellevue City Council.
JH: In an era of such unrelenting selfishness, it's encouraging to meet someone who's in it for "the good".
Paul Weller: Lynne will do great on the council!  It is apparent she knows the city well.
Neil Chasan: I have known Lynne for years as a professional colleague. She is thoughtful, conscientious, bright and cheerful. I am sure her skills will be similarly applied for the benefit of the public she serves.
Peter Maxim: I think Lynne would be a great new voice for our City Council!
Shankar Anakavour:  I met Lynne Robinson at the ryan james gallery event when she announced her run for Bellevue City Council. Lynne Robinson is very personable and I commend her for focusing on the growth and diversity of the City of Bellevue. Congratulations Lynne for stepping up and representing Bellevue Parks, small business and more.
Iris Tocher:  So glad you are running!
Nan CampbellI am a former Mayor of Bellevue, 1988 and 1989. I appreciate so much the lengthy and dedicated volunteering Lynne has done in Bellevue. It will be wonderful to have her fresh presence on the Bellevue City Council. We are ready for an open mind and cooperative spirit..
Peg Jones:  You go girl!
Roger Anderson:  Bellevue needs Lynne.  Her fresh and thoughtful outllook on Bellevue's future is important to our future.
N P: You definitely have my vote. I think Bellevue would be very lucky to get you as one of their council members.
Jan Stout:  Congratulations, Lynne!  Thanks for stepping forward for Bellevue!
Bruce Lowry:  A great day for Bellevue........
Rich Schweet: I know firsthand of Lynne's work on the Bellevue Parks Board and know she will make a great addition to the Bellevue City Council.
Lyndon Heywood: You seem to be standing for all the right reasons and there's an awful lot to be said for that.  
Lydia Ollis Lauver:  Wow, Congratulations on running for City Council. You exemplify all that is good about our City and will be the perfect candidate to represent its citizens.
Alex Camara:  Lynne, your work for the Parks Council and the way you have handled difficult local issues with such skill is just a small example of the impact I believe you will make on the Bellevue City Council. I am delighted you are running and wish you the best in your Campaign ahead.
Helen G:  
Lynne Robinson was my mother's in-home physical therapist and was very helpful to our family during my mother's time in Bellevue. She helped us identify the necessity of a move to assisted living for my mother's safety and well-being, and she helped us protect my mother from a possible predatory situation with a former neighbor. I strongly urge you to support her as a candidate for today. Please forward this to any other Bellevue voters who care about the future of the city! Bellevue needs people like Lynne!



King County Executive, Dow Constantine

State Representative Ross Hunter

Deputy King County Executive, Fred Jarrett

Former King County Council Member Bruce Laing

Seattle Times: "A strong endorsement"

Muni League: "Very Good"

Voted Bellevue Reporter's "Best Public Figure" 2013

Bellevue City Council Member Claudia Balducci

Bellevue City Council Member John Stokes

Bellevue City Council Member John Chelminiak

Renton Mayor, Denis Law

Redmond City Council Member Kimberly Allen

Issaquah City Council Member Fred Butler

Kirkland Deputy Mayor, Doreen Marchione

Kirkland City Council Member Amy Walen

Kirkland City Council Member Penny Sweet

Seattle City Council Member Sally Bagshaw

Seattle City Council Member Tom Rasmussen

1. Former Bellevue Mayor, Richard Foreman

2. Former Bellevue Mayor, Terry Lukens

3. Former Bellevue Mayor, Connie Marshall

4. Former Bellevue          Mayor, Nan Campbell

5. Former Bellevue Mayor, Cary Bozeman

6. Former Bellevue Mayor, Chuck Mosher

Former Woodinville Mayor Cathy VonWald

Former Bellevue Council Member, Iris Tocher

Former Bellevue Council Member, Margot Blacker

Former Bellevue Council Member, Nancy Rising

Former Bellevue Council Member, Jean Carpenter

Former Bellevue Parks Director, Lee Springgate

Bellevue Parks Board Chair, Sherry Grindeland

Bellevue Parks Board Member Mark Van Hollebeke

Bellevue Parks Board Member Stuart Heath

Bellevue Planning Commissioner Pat Sheffels

Bellevue Planning Commissioner Hal Ferris

Bellevue Human Services Commissioner, Jan Stout

Bellevue Human Services Commissioner, James McEachran

Bellevue Environmental Services Chair, Brad Helland

Bellevue Environmental Services Vice Chair, Keith Swenson

Bellevue Environmental Services Commissioner,  Paul Weller

Bellevue Arts Commission Chair and Director of King County Library System Bill Ptacek

Bellevue Arts Commissioner, Genevieve Tremblay

Bellevue Library Commission Chair, Chiho Lai

Bellevue Library Commissioner, Andrew Peabody 

Former Parks Board Commissioner and current Library Commissioner, Peter Maxim

Bellevue Transportation Commission Chair, Ernesto Simas

Bellevue Transportation Commissioner, TomTanaka

Bellevue Transportation Commissioner, Francois Larrivee

Vice Chair East Bellevue Community Council Gerald Hughes

Former Chair Bellevue Parks Board, Merle Keeney

Former Chair Bellevue Arts Commission, Betina Finley

Former Planning Commissioner, Ken Schiring

Former Bellevue Director of Planning Matt Terry

Former Bellevue Neighborhood Outreach Manager Cheryl Kuhn

2013 Bellevue Volunteer of the Year, Cathy Habib

Bellevue School Board Member Chris Marks

Bellevue High School PSTA Executive, Susan Flagg

Chair of Kirkland Performance Center Board Bill Schultheis

Chinese Chamber of Commerce Chairman, Timothy Lee

Sher Partners, Ron Sher, CEO

Su Development, John Su

Lead Volunteer AARP King County, Bellevue Network on Aging Chair, Jeanne Grote

President Eastern European-American Chamber of Commerce, Natasha Savage

Circle of Friends President, Valentina Kiselev

Owner Yuan Spa, Zhigin Schultheis

Housing Development Consortium Exec. Dir. Harry Hoffman

Steven Anderson PT, CEO Therapeutic Associates

Bellevue Fire Fighters

The Seattle Times

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